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Trying to take the good with the bad


Although I have had Chiari for I suppose all my adult life at least. This past Nov. I had an event that seems to have kicked off a whole series of problems. I had an explosive headache one day and after a few days with the pain I contacted my pcp. She immediately sent me to the ER concerned about an aneurysm, luckily that was not the problem. Since then though I haven't had a day without a headache and have begun to have various other issues. Numbness in my arms and legs, the feeling of something crawling under my skin, confusion, facial numbness, neck pain, burning sensation down my spine.

I saw a neurosurgeon and although he didn't seem adverse to surgery he wants me to get an appt with a neurologist to see if there is anything that they can offer to help before we just jump into surgery. I do appreciate that he isn't just running to cut on my head.

So yesterday I call to schedule the Neuro appt.... they can't get me in till MAY 10!!! What am I supposed to do till then? Right now I have a good health insurance, there is a good chance I will be losing it in July!! Grrrrr Really I just want to feel better.

Good is that my Neurosurgeon is listening to me and seems to really want to help me without taking unnecessary risks.

Bad insurance running out before I get help. :(

This to shall pass... it has to. lol

Any suggestions are welcome.


Hello Stacy, I'm sorry you are going through this. Maybe you could ring the N/S's office and see whether they could intervene with the N/L and get your appointment moved forward. If you don't ask you certainly don't get!

If you envisage insurance problems in a few months then I would suggest you get on to this now and contact your state insurance commissioner for advice. There is a helpful link in our section Chiari Info for Members. Kindest, Jules