Trying to stay positive

I’m not sure how all this works, I’m new here…I was diagnosed January 23 after having a horrible headache for a few weeks, after 3 doctors they decided I need the surgery and I’m terrified I have never had any kind of surgery before and all I ever see online are horror stories. I know everyone is different but I’ve seen where people have said their recovery times have been up to a year.i just would like to here some success stories for a change.

Yes you are right, I just needed to hear it. :slight_smile:

My daughter was a VERY happy, full of life kid from day 1. At 12 years old, she was struck down with a 24/7 headache that lasted TWO YEARS, through a nightmare of docs and "treatments." Anyway, finally found an AMAZING surgeon who set her up for a decompression on Nov. 20, 2012. We'd tried everything under the sun to help her and were as confident as we could possibly be that this was her last and only hope to get her life back. We had full confidence in her surgeon's abilities as well. Yet, we were all scared out of our minds, especially my daughter. It was horrifying!!!!!

Well, here we are 4 months post op and she's pain free about 60% of the time now. Gradually, it keeps improving...little by little. Her NS says that this should continue for about a year or so. Her life has improved so much, she says sometimes it's as if all of the past two years is a bit story-like; Surreal.

Once people can move on with things and resume life a bit, I am betting they get a way from the screen more since they feel they need less support. Thus, much of what's online may seem heavy on the negative side.

Thank you both for your stories!! I’m glad to hear both had a good outcome!! I haven’t mastered how to reply to people yet lol I just figured how to use twitter lol…I’m having to use my iPad because I can lay down and do it… It’s so nice to hear good things about the surgery!! My anxiety is through the roof :confused: Thank you so much!!!

I'm 5 months post-op today. Before surgery I barely made it through a day of work. I went home and went straight to bed and I spend weekends propped up on the couch with headaches and fatigue. Now I come home, exercise, cook dinner, or socialize with friends. Last weekend I hiked for two hours on Saturday and an hour Sunday.

Had I not had surgery I have no doubt I would be on disability right now. I have no regrets at all! Yes sometimes I get headaches, I get tired a bit easier than "normal" people, I have some limitations but I'm 100% better than before!

I sure do like the sound of “sometime” than all the time :slight_smile: what’s funny is for years I’ve had symptoms just never knew what they were caused from. I will be so glad when I can hang out with friends again. I’m so glad to hear your surgery was a success!! Thank you!!!

Hi Boots...

My recovery went without any infections, no CSF leaks...Looking decompression was in 2008...I was up doing things around the house ect..fairly quickly...I actually packed up an entire house and moved 350 miles away 2 mths post op...At the time , I thought I wasn't doing that hot..but as I said, looking back I can see that I was actually doing good! Don't get me wrong..I had pain and still some balance and visual issues..but it was manageable.

I think when people say it took a yr or more to recovery they may be saying what I do..meaning that to REALLY feel the postitive results took that long...but we could manage, if that makes sense?

Your surgery is April 1st, right?? Try and relax while waiting...yeah , right, you must be thinking!! Let us know if we can help out in any way.

Keep us updated!

Thats good to hear!! Yes that makes perfect sense. Yes it’s April 1st and I’m counting down the days, getting more anxious everyday.Thank you so much!!