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Trying to find a answer


I am confused and think I may need to get a second opinion. I had viral meningitis about 6months ago. Doctor did a mri and it came back normal. I have continued to have headaches in the lower back of my head and neck pain it became bearable after a couple of months then started getting bad again. I am having numbness in my feet and hands and balance problems, headaches worse when laying flat and shooting pain in head and back if I sneeze. So 6mo later doctor does another mri this time a borderline chiari 1 with minimal crowding is found. The doctor refers me to neurologist. The neurologist immediately dismisses the mri findings as not a problem because chiari was not reported on the previous mri. But also says that meningitis is not the problem either. Can chiari not show on one mri but then show up later? I am not improving and symptoms are getting worse. Should I get a second opinion? The neurologist has ordered another mri this time a cervical mri. And nerve tests for my arms and legs. I think he thinks the headache is migraine but I have had it continuously for 6months. I have had migraines in the past this is definitely different. He has given me a migraine medication to try but it doesn’t help at all. I am not sure if i should go to someone else or let him keep looking for other causes. He does not think the headaches and numbness and balance issues are related to each other. But they all started around the same time.