Trouble With Sinus Pain?

Okay, so I had my decompression surgery on Sept 9, 2013. The "pressure" headaches are gone. You know the ones.....where you cough, sneeze, laugh hard, yell, or bend over and think your head is going to explode? Mine were so bad I would have to literally stop whatever I was doing, even if I was driving, I'd have to pull over, and just close my eyes and hold my head and make everyone around me be quiet until the pain passed. Anyway, THANK GOD, those are long gone!!! I do still, however, still have regular headaches, neck pain, back pain, and fatigue. I don't have POTS or Ehler's-whatever that one is. I have gone to the websites that have been recommended to me and I don't have those symptoms.

My question is this: whenever there's a change in the weather, my head feels like it's filling up. Almost like sinus pressure, but my nose isn't stopped up or runny. Nothing. It's just my head that feels like it's full of water. It makes me even more sluggish than normal. I seem to get worse when a rainstorm comes through.

Any ideas???

I understand about pollen counts, but I mean this happens all the time! Not just a certain time of year… Every time there is a weather change, I feel this pressure. I’m not stopped up at all, and I have no drainage like you would if allergies were the cause.

I have a lot more issues when the weather changes as well. I wish I could offer some advice but so far I've not found anything too helpful!