One thing I was not prepared for was the effects of topomax. The day after surgery I was very dry mouthed and would choke on solid food. I knew the dry mouth is typical after surgery but this was ten times worse. I stopped the medication cold turkey. It has taken 2 weeks where things are starting to taste better. I lived on fruit, pudding,and jello. I did drink ensure to give me extra benefits. I started taking topomax about 3 weeks before surgery trying to avoid the surgery. I will never take the medication again. Just wanted everyone to be aware. This has hampered my healing because if not eating correctly.

Good luck to everyone. I go back to work in a month and afraid of the stress. I will fight it all.

I did not talk to doctor. Since the decompression the insurance company denied the refill. I have not had a problem with cold turkey. I feel 10 times better without the medication.

Topamax is a drug from satan himself. The NL (that I swear was just trying to kill me) that I saw before I got into my NS thought Topamax was going to cure what he thought was just migraines. UMMMM NO! My taste changed, I spoke off the wall stuff and after him up up upping my dosage, I was having Bipolar symptoms. I ended up going to my GP and she is the one that helped wean me off of this drug. She told me it was slowly killing me, or driving me insane. I warn everyone that asks about it to be very careful!!!