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Hello fellow Chiarians!
I had to stop by and write an update as to how my life has been since the last time I wrote 2 years ago. My life has turned a complete 180. I went from seeking disability to owning my own company. From scheduled decompression surgery to a complete (and unplanned) remission of my symptoms. It started because I decided to view my surgery as a marathon. Something I needed to train my body for. So I changed my diet to a 100% plant based diet, gluten free, preservative free, sugar free.... Basically anything that comes in a man made package, triggers my symptoms to all come crashing back.
My neurosurgeon cancelled my surgery that was scheduled for July 15th. He stated that he had heard of other people reducing inflammation by an elimination diet. Which is precisely what I have done.
I never sought to find an elevation without surgical intervention but the more I read about our inflammation issues, the more I am convinced that it plays a very large role in our pain.

Love and light to you my friends!

Hi there Lyndsay, that is GREAT to hear you are doing so well. I am also a huge supporter of a healthy, balanced diet, avoiding processed food, and adjusted to exclude any individual intolerances.

If people want to know more let's keep discussions here on the forum so that everyone can benefit. Truly great you're doing so well :-)

That is so amazing. I am struggling trying to find help for a 4th surgery. I go in and out of er almost monthly it seems. I would try anything at this point. I feel like im losing my life and my family is passing me by so to be able to be active in my own life again would be wonderful.
I never thought I had a horrible diet but then again I do eat packaged food daily.
What would a normal days meals consist of for you?

Thank you for the Comments Jules and Hailey. I agree with you Jules, there needs to be more discussion on this to see if we can not help other who suffer from too much brain in the skull. That is why I have started my own blog about my daily life. VeganChiariWarrior on facebook and wordpress.

Hailey, to answer your question, I eat twice a day. I wake around 5:45 every morning, eat between 7-8am . I also take care to not eat or drink anything except water in between meals. Also, I take care to have at least 5 hours in between meals so that the digestion has time to rest before I bombard it again around 1pm-2pm. I would eat dinner, but if I have anything in my stomach after 4pm, I am praying to the porcelain gods come the middle of the night or the morning. So to avoid this, I never eat later than 4 because I am usually asleep by 9:30-10pm.

I never mix vegetables and fruit now because the fermentation process messes up my system. So for example, yesterday for breakfast I had a bowl of finely chopped (used a food processor) Kale, Red cabbage, Parsley and Carrots, mixed with chia seed gel (aids in digestion) as well as home made sunflower seed and basil dressing. To add some crunch, I made gluten-free Teff crackers seasoned with herbs and spices and toasted some raw pecans.

For dinner I had 2 green apples, 1 small container of blackberries, 1 banana and 1 papaya covered with chocolate Chia seed gel with unsweetened coconut milk and mint on top, accompanied by homemade gluten free peach pancakes.

I eat more mass now than I ever have before and I am full for longer than ever. However, the craziest part to me is the fact that I am loosing weight like crazy and I do not have the uncontrollable blood sugar dips like I used to have in the past. I suffer from from Hashimoto's disorder and now no longer have the same issues.

If you would like help in adapting the diet that has saved my life and given me more energy than I had when I was 16, I am open to helping others. Feel free to email me on my Facebook page and we can chat further.

In the mean time, Love and light to you my friends. May you have a blissfully pain free day!

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