I am 4 weeks post opt and i'm starting to feel like I did before the surgery. Headaces and neck pain are back waking up with num hands and week. I don't understan I knew the surgery wouldn't get rid of everything but now I feel worse then I did before.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks I was beging to think the surgery didn't work. I have had headaches like that before waking up in the morning your head hurting and when you sit up it goes away. Now when I wake up with one I sit up first and wait most of the time it goes away.

My NS said that it can more than a year to see full benefit from surgery. I too still have numb hands and feet and occassional head/neck pain. According to my doctor the numbness in the extremities is typically the last symptom to improve and it may never fully leave you because it could be lasting nerve damage.