Chiari Online Support Group

Top 5 Symptoms


Hi friends

Since we are all blessed with the wonderful Chiari, I was wondering what everyone's Top 5 Symptoms?

Please shoot me a answer when anyone has a chance. Hang in there everyone and have a great day!



Neck pain, insomnia, weakness in gen. diff. walking , and extreme fatigue


Horrible head pain
Before my surgery i was losing feeling in my left arm
Ringing in my hears
And i started having memory problems


Severe headaches, nausea, insomnia, neck pain, and fatigue... not always in that exact order, but the headaches are, of course, #1, always.


Speaking on behalf of my daughter. Leg pain, ADHD like symptoms, difficulty falling asleep, extremely forgetful, sensitive skull, ( won’t even let me touch her head) clumsy, and the list goes on.


Dizziness, blurred/double vision, dibilitating headaches, balance and overall weakness.