Tonsillar ectopia 7mm

Hello there I am looking for some advice on chiari am new to the site so am not sure I posted on right category . So I am currently being investigated for ms for the second time I have 2 brain/spine mri done I only have a copy of the first mri report done 6 years ago which shows a tonsillar ectopia of 7mm the Neuro has never mentioned it I only found out after recently requesting my a copy of records.

I am under the care of a different Neuro now do you think it worth mentioning it to him to see if it could be chiari I would appreciate any advice people could offer

HI Ruger,

Sure looks like a herniation of the cerebellar tonsils. That compression of the spinal cord can surely cause balance issues, dizziness, pain, etc. This is the perfect website to get support, information and feedback to your questions. My Nuerosurgeon says it doesn’t matter if you have a 1mm herniation or a 10mm herniation, the compression can cause many different problems. You need to find out if you have a syrinx (cysts) in your spinal cord and if you have blockage of your spinal fluid. These can be very serious and cause more problems. I am 54 and have not had surgery. I do not have a syrinx, but I do have blocked spinal fluid and congenital CSS. Take good care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, rest when you get pain, no jerky rides, no straining, no heavy lifting, avoid sports that could cause concussion. Find a good Neurosurgeon that knows how to treat Chiari patients. Good luck, Tina from WI USA

Wanted to add…the doctors thought I had ms too for a while, then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004. My Chairi/herniation and CCSS wasn’t found until Jan 2017. After getting my scans and records for the Nuerosurgeon I found out it was noted in a 2012 MRI, but the doctor/clinic never told me! It would have been nice to know 5 years ago, I would have changed my lifestyle, so I wouldn’t have been in so much pain, dizzy…causing more damage to my spinal cord. Tina

Hello thanks for your input i appreciate it I had my whole spine mri in 2011 but only my c spine done recently are they able to tell from the mri if there is any blockages caused, I only found out that I had 2 brothers that were stillborn had spina bifida and hydrocephalus and when I googled it said that is linked to chiari also am starting think it’s all connected

I am new to the site as well just got my MRI results back. Waiting to talk to my neurologist but my MRI shows I have tonsillar ectopia about 2.1cm. Just not sure where to go from here. I am guessing I have to have surgery.

That is really big are you have symptoms from it I had an mri 9 weeks ago I still can’t results from that mri

I have had alot of headache neck pain and recently I have had alot of tingly and numbness on my face back of my head neck and arms and legs. Also alot of soreness in my arms and legs.

Hi, I’m pretty sure they can tell from the MRI if you have spinal fluid blockage of flow issues. There are tests to check the flow. The Nuerosurgeon showed us slices of the scan and where the fluid was blocked it was grey or white. Your spinal fluid replenishes itself, so you need to stay hydrated; can’t remember how often. I use to hear gurgling in my head a lot at night when I wasn’t wearing a soft collar to sleep in. Since wearing it at night my shoulder arms hands don’t fall asleep too much anymore. I am sleeping better. I use to wake up several times a night with chest pain, gasping for air or having heart palpitations or bad base of skull, neck and upper back pain. The collars have helped my pain tremendously. Tina from WI