Today was torture

I had my flow study this morning. Half way through my nose started itching and I couldnt get to it, it was so bad i was actually starting to cry when she pulled me out and laughed cause i couldnt stop itching it when i was finally able to.

The neurologist apt was 2 hr after the study. She said that the left leg pain is from L2-3 and she needs a MRI to confirm that. That wasnt from the Chiari itself. The only symptom i had that is from the chiari is the migraines. She told me the pain meds would not help with them so told me to stop all pain meds and put me on pills that are for trying to stop migraines coming on. I asked her what to take for the pain of the other stuff going on and she said nothing... She then said that the nerves that are coming from where the syrinx's are gone so i need to get used to that. I have follow up apt with her on the 9th of April to see if meds are helping. Neurosurgeon apt is still 8May

WTF am i just imagining all this crap!!!!

Dr sure do make you think you are imagining it, But you are not imagining it. I'm sorry get used it is not in my vocabulary at all. I do not expect the medcine to take my daughter pain completely away but I do expect it work to where she can function through out the day. I would find another Dr. Praying for you.


Hi Christine,

No you are not imaging things. Do you have a pain clinic in your area or a spine center? Osteopaths are also good about treating people for pain. You definitely need a second opinion. This dr. doesn't sound like she is experienced with CM and its multitude of symptoms. Please keep us posted.

Tracy Z.


I am a bit confused..did you end up finishing the Flow Study???

When are you getting the MRI for L2-3??? I hope soon.

You have a Syrinx as well as Chiari and she is telling you to 'Get use to it"......get rid of this one!!! just my empathy it seems.

The good thing have an appt with NS May 8th..and you will have lumbar spine MRI for him to look at as well..

Oh...believe are NOT IMAGINING THIS STUFF!!!!!! Let us know how you are doing, ok????

It can be VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!

I finished the flow study but by time she pulled me out of it i was in tears needing to itch so bad. She said she wanted to see the results from flow study before she does MRI on the lumbar to see what is going on. I have 2 syrinx's in my thoracic spine where when she put some cold thing on my back i couldnt feel crap. She said then the nerves are already gone. I cannot feel my left leg this morning but she says that isn't connected to the chiari same with the ringing in ears or the eye problems along with everything else. I am going to the only NS and NL in the Waterloo area and i called the Uni of Iowa hospital and they want referral from the NL and NS here along with all records. The NS said he wanted the NL to go over all symptoms and it seems the only one she's interested in is the headaches...

Have a question about a med. Anyone ever be put on Amitriptyline for trying to stop migraines? I was put on this and was told to give it a month, next apt is on the 9April to see how it's working and if it isnt then she'll switch the pills give it another month then it should be time for my apt with the NS again...Is this more like a guessing game?