To lighten the mood

So I'm 7.5 weeks post-op and generally doing good. I'm back to work and while not 100% cured I do feel a lot better than before. In fact until this morning I thought my mental fogginess has been lifted. It seems I was overly optimistic. This morning I woke up and immediately thought about how it was my aunt's and cousin's birthday. I got on Facebook but didn't have the reminder. That should have clued me in but no. I write big happy birthday messages on each of their walls. Then I happen to look at the date on my phone. It's the 7th...their birthdays are on the 12th. I felt so silly. I had to go back and tell them not to read their message until Wednesday because I'm crazy and unaware of the date. lol.

I just thought that was pretty funny so I decided to share my idiocy! Has chiari caused anyone else to do something silly?