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TMJ really hurting

Hi there its been a while since I have been on this site mainly because I have been doing really well until………… yesterday so basically my tmj joint jaw joint (don’t ask me what the anatomical name for it is).Its hurting everytime I bite down on food I and my jaw clicks.Another thing that isn’t so serious but concerning me is that I can feel my shoulders sort of half pop out its not painful and it doesn’t bother me.But my jaw does it clicks or pops everytime I open my mouth im thinking of going to the doctor cause I have resorted to chewing my food on one side of my mouth to avoid pain.Can anyone shed light on my situation im curious to know if it may be chiari related or if anyone else has had jaw issues or arm joints kinda popping and the going back into place??

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A physical therapist who has training and who has dealt with TMJ clients with success should be able to help you get your bite and jaw muscles balanced out again. I am not sure that we can blame everything on Chiari! Glad to hear that you have been doing really well. Get your jaw fixed up and you should be good to go.

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I’m working with a chiropractor on this. I go in once a week to get hands on work. In the meantime I do daily exercises, and I’ve made lifestyle changes. No gum chewing, no big open biting into food, etc.

Mine is due to arthritis in the joint, but regardless of the cause, I hope you get some relief soon. At my worst I was eating soft food only, and not a lot of it.


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Hi there,

I have had TMJ since my 20’s. I did everything the dentist and doctors tell you to do. no gum, do exercises ect… It got better by my mid 30’s.
Fast forward to finally being diagnosed with Chiari (October 2010) I had many symptoms since my 20’s that was my Chiari. I had my first brain surgery in December of 2010. My symptoms from my jaw came back with a vengeance. I had PT for 6 months and they did work on my jaw as well. I had minimal jaw issues until my second brain surgery March 2017 since then I have had issues with my left shoulder and jaw. I went to PT for 5 months and again they worked my jaw as well and shoulder. I have moderate jaw issues now and my shoulder will increase in pain as well as my jaw at times.
I do have massages 2-3 times a month and she works my jaw. She has helped the most with the symptoms. I know that we can’t blame everything on Chiari, however I can trace the symptoms of Chiari and the TMJ back to my early 20’s. This may be a coincidence but I do believe the spasms in my shoulder and neck and head causes the symptoms of my TMJ to come on or increase in symptoms and pain.
Being in tune with our bodies is key with knowing what we need to do for symptoms, whether it is Chiari, TMJ, Fibro, ect… I would try and find a massage therapist that is willing to listen to you about your Chiari and the pain in your jaw. Only have the therapist work on your neck if she has been a massage therapist for years and he/she does continue with their education of techniques. My massage therapist took the time to learn about Chiari and each time I see her she will ask me several questions about how my symptoms were/are after my last massage and currently. I only have her lightly work on my neck muscles when I have spasms and she will keep it light and only increase pressure if I’m okay with it.
I hope this helps you, hugs and prayers.