Tired brain

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check with ya'll to see if anyone has had problems after surgery with "a tired brain". It seems I can go for a while, 3-4 hours and then my brain just gets tuckered out. I feel hot and my head is kinda heavy with pressure on my eyes. Not a lot of pressure but enough to be uncomfortable. No headaches in two years but my resilence and stamina seem to be slipping. My head just feels really tired.



I do. I had surgery 2.5 months ago I think.

My brain is tired so...lol.

But definitely have the exact same thing.

I can go til around noon and then I have to sleep.

My eyes are heavy my brain won't work etc...

It is different than the brain fog I had before. My brain actually feels tired as you said.

Dunno what this is or if it is caused by something else other than surgery or Chiari

I am having that problem. I have not had the surgery. It is affecting my work. I have to literally stop and try to think of what I am doing. I can understand.

I second the question of CCI. Also agree that it’s worth a doctors visit.