Tingling in spine,, chiari symptom?

Hello, I was recently diagnosed with chiari l, the Dr’s had mistakenly been treating me for sinus disease for 2 months before the mri found it. I am waiting on a few more tests, one will be of the spine. But in the mean time I am wondering if anyone with chiari l ever gets a tingling sensation right on their spine. It’s not a shooting pain or a shooting tingle as I’ve seen some describe, it is on the center on my back and for a long time this particular spot always tingles and gets cold. I’ve been reading of course about spine complications and am just wondering if I could have something going on here, based on your experience?

Hiya :blush: ,
I also have Chiari 1 and I have a similar sensation which starts in my spine I have searched the internet and even asked my GP for advise . It’s a really strange tingling but it has got worse over past 6months mine now travels through my spine some days it gets really strong and goes into my head and I feel I cnt move for the few seconds it lasts . I stil have a month til see Neurologist and will speak to her about it .

I have a syrnix also. I get everything from intense pressure, slight tingling, to shooting pains. I’m “used” to it at this point but it isn’t fun and when I get the intense pressure it feels like their is a vice being tightened around my spinal cord.