Tilt Table Test

Good morning, I had a time table test done this past Thursday and just wanted some information as to what happened during the test. The technician ended the test because he said that he had caused my symptoms to reappear, I became dizzy nauseous he had to give me a wet hand towel to wipe my face the room begin to spin and my knees buckled and my heart rate begin to speed up I thought because I was anxious because of the other things that was happening my blood pressure never dropped though so with all the other things that was happening he stopped the test because he said he didn’t want to torture me any further and I would have fallen if I had not been strapped down, all if this was not long after it had started so what does all of this means, I go back to the cardiologist on Tuesday.

Thank you Ms. Emmaline, what are the treatments for POTS

I have a tilt table scheduled, and so the nurse explained that she will be trying to induce syncope, or “near syncope” and the process will be stopped if it appears I am near passing out. I take a beta blocker currently, but I think I’ll need more meds soon.