Thuli post op

Hi I’m Thuli, I had my surgery on 23March where my c1, vertebrae was removed, all went well but 2,weeks later I went back to hospital with an infection on10April, I’m supposed to be released tomorrow with oral antibiotics, but today whe the nurse was cleaning my wound I heard a squishy sound on a part of my head near incision site, I did a CT scan two days ago, everything seemed normal, what could, my wound was still oozing a bit of f brown fluid, Dr said it’s probably fluid on the muscles, but what is this squishy sound and its soft, im panicking, anyone ever gone through that.

Surgery and the odd things that come out of it can be rather concerning. Please ask nurses and doctors about your status for reassurance. THey are the ones that know you best at this pint in time. Also know that we can still be worried even with all that reassurance! Be clear about your symptoms as they are now and ask about what you should be looking for when you go home that would warrant contact with your medical team or a visit to the hospital again. Get the numbers and other pertinent details. Things will be rough going home so take it easy and remember that you have had a major surgery. Go slow!