Throbbing in needed

I was diagnosed with IIH back in 2004. I then had a non programmable LP shunt placed in 2011. Since late 2015 I started to get awful sharp pain in the back of my head & neck. It would mostly happen when I was active. Anyway fast forward to 2017 & my symptoms became much worse. I have the numbness, tingling, slurred speech, pain on laughing/coughing etc. I have many more symptoms also. I’ve been in hospital twice from suspected TIA’s recently. Anyway, I saw a neurosurgeon who said my Chairi had to be more than 5mm before he would do anything. That was fine, then I saw my neurologist who confirmed my shunt is overdraining or leaking & that I have Chairi. So confused, i’m now waiting on another neurosurgeon to call me. Anyway what I’m asking is does anyone else get a throbbing/pulsating feeling in their mid spine? It happens at the same time as my neck & head throbbing. Is it a result of the neck & head throbbing? Thanks

Hey 161203,
As I often state “I am not a dr…” and this is something that needs to be looked at by a neuro. You are in the process of this and that would be my recommended advice.
But, I too have a shunt. Mine is a VP and not an LP shunt though. I have had a number of neurosurgeries, one of which was for over drainage. Obtaining a diagnosis for the over drainage was an issue as my pcp at the time was rather rude and arrogant. I was having all sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms, that he could not make a diagnosis from. He had the opinion “…they operated, they fixed. Go away…” So I did, only to have a major incident at work as a result. My neuro was… …let’s just say less than impressed and I was again operated on to fix the situation.
Some dr’s like to think they know it all, they don’t. You know your body better than any dr. If you believe there is an issue, you need to follow through until you get a satisfactory answer or until you are satisfied that you have done all that you can.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team