Thoughts or comments on Dr. Parrish?

Has anyone seen or had surgery with Dr. Parrish in Houston?? Just curious what your impressions are of him. I saw him and told him my symptoms and he was pretty quick to advise surgery. I thought wow, he must be so familiar with Chiari that he knows exactly what I need, but now I guess im getting scared and second guessing everything.

I’m not familiar with your doctor, but if you’re having second thoughts, you should get a 2nd opinion. Is your NS experienced with Chiari? There are lists of patient recommended doctors…You can find links on our resources and doctors page. You have every right to get another opinion. This is a big decision and you should feel comfortable with your doctor. I hope this helps:)

Thank you Crystal, he is experienced and an a lot of the Chiari list of recommended doctors. He was very knowledgable and answered all my questions, I think I'm just scared.

I’m glad to to hear that he is experienced with Chiari. I think it’s normal to be a little scared. I’m scheduled for surgery on June 28th and I’m scared too. I have complete confidence in my NS, but the thought of brain surgery still scares me a little. You are not alone in this!