Thoughts on Dr.Kim J. Burchiel if you've had him? He's in Oregon with ohsu

I’m meeting with Dr.Kim for a seconded opinion on the 1st of June. I would like to hear experiences or thoughts on him if anyone has had him. I’m in Oregon and he is with ohsu, I truly am looking for surgery because I’ve been dealing with this sine I was 11 and I’m now 19 going on 20 I’ve lost my independence an quality of life, I do understand surgery is no cure. I only seek it because I need at least part of my life and happiness back even if its just a little.

Hey Jordan,
So glad you were able to get an appointment to see someone! A lot of times you can get other patients’ opinions on a dr just by doing a google search or going to or (I’m sure there are other similar websites, I’ve just used those two). It’s nice to have some opinions but just remember each person’s experience with a dr can be different. I try to look at the overall consensus rather than just a couple of bad reviews. I hope this is the beginning of your journey to getting help and feeling better!
Take care,

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Thank you, Mel123 I really appreciate the help.