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Thoracic syrinx


Hi everyone. I have recently seen a neurosurgeon and he wants me to have a standing MRI. Part of the reason is to check for a syrinx in my t spine. Anyone here have one? If so what symptoms have you experienced? Thank you in advanced!


It sounds like you have a knowledgeable neurosurgeon. I have only had the standard MRIs. After my slit like syrinx was found in my Tspine the doctor then ordered MRIs of the my brain which showed my Chiari type 1.

The neurosurgeon said the small syrinx in my Tspine was affecting my leg and walking. He said the syrinx blocks the signals to my leg. It also causes a lot of burning pain in my spine and also burning pain through my shoulders.

I do not hurt as much as I used to hurt. The weather affects my symptoms a lot. I do have a narrowing around where I have the small syrinx in my Tspine and they said that makes my pain worse.

Even though I do have a prescription for pain pills, I have found that my muscle relaxer helps me a lot. I still have muscle spasms even after all these years. It was a trial and error to find one that helped me until they found out that Tizanidiine helped. The only problem with it is that it made me very sleepy even after I took it for years. I have been taking Baclofen for a while & it helps me a lot without causing me to become sleepy. I started taking it twice a day, but I now take a half dose in the morning and afternoon and a whole dose at night. Since I have been taking Baclofen I have cut way back on my pain meds because I hurt and burn less.

Exercising with stretch bands and weights help my pain also. I went to physical therapy for a while and they came up with some helpful stretches.


I have some stretch bands but you know I never really thought of trying weights. I’m going to have to try that out!


Hello I had a small syrinx in my spine which fortunately was corrected with the decompression surgery. While I had it I had a lot of issues with maintaining my body temperature. I also had the burning down the back of my neck and shoulders and I often drag my left leg not lifting it enough when I walked.

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