This pain is an annoyance

So for the last couple days the pain in my brain, neck, and back has been worse than ever and burning like fire. I have had a fever for 2 days and extra tired. This is actually more annoying than anything. I am tired of feeling like this. My insurance company sent me a paper asking me if my most recent MRI was due to an accident. I had to call them and explain all of the details since they give you 2 lines on the paper to write things out. I told the lady I was waiting for my referral to see a specialist out of state. She said they covered out of state visits as long as there was a referral and then asked how long I have been waiting for the referral. I told her over 2 months. She asked me for some more details on CM so I told her and she was actually pretty upset that there hasn't been a referral yet. She said if she doesn't see a request for treatment soon she will be calling my NS herself and asking them what is going on. She said it is inexcusable for me to have to live in pain with a major headache every day and have other problems on top of it. I told her that there are other tests that need to be ran but my NS here won't run them because there are things that put me in the "gray" area. She said that he should be running all tests necessary to make sure that there isn't going to be any complications at all. I was very impressed! At least the insurance lady made me feel a little better. Now if I can get my NS to hurry up with his end of the deal. I go in to the Neurologist in a month for the Botox injections in my head then to the Rheumatologist in April for the EDS testing. Finally getting the ball rolling. Just wish I could get some relief from all of the pain in my head, neck, and back! It gets worse every day it feels like and is making my every day life harder and harder. My kids don't understand that I just don't feel good and I hurt too much and I am too tired. I want my life back and I don't want to be sick anymore. I am about tired of choking on pills and drinks, and throwing up almost every day, I am nauseous all of the time and the nausea pills get stuck in my throat and I choke on them...they are so tiny too...horrible! I don't wanna play no more!