This is no way to live!

The pressure in my head is getting to the point where I can't handle it anymore. It feels like it goes into my throat and behind my eyes. I'm taking 4 advil, 2 aspiring 2 norcos, turmeric 3x a day. It seems what use to work is not working. I do ice packs and basically rest all fricken day. I'm barely holding onto my job which thankfully is only 2 days a week. It just feels like a weight on my head and the ringing in my ears. So annoying! Why do I get periodically burst of loud ringing. They're always ringing. It's just so weird. Makes me feel like I'm going crazy. I hate complaining, I know there are people who are worse off than me. I really don't want to wait and see how much worse this is gonna get. It's scary to think that's what there waiting on, I just know if any Dr. felt what I'm feeling they'd do something. I feel like it's wrong to feel this way. I just want my head to be clear again. I'm trying so hard to deal,but this is no way to live!

Hi Smeyeln,

I just had to reply to your post! Reading your words was like reading something I wrote! Not sure if it helps, but I you are not alone. Sometimes when I am having a bad episode I just need to be reminded that someone is there, and cares! I was diagnosed in 2014, but had symptoms all my life. MRI's have shown I have 5-7 mm herniation. Dx didn't solve the problem, but it made things make sense. Yes, it does take the life out of you. There is such a wide variation in symptoms, constantly changing, and does not affect any two people the same way. I am not defending doctors who show no compassion, but I can understand why those who are not properly trained have no idea what to do with us. I have to hold on to the faith that it will get better, look forward to and cherish the good days. Honestly if wasn't for that I don't know what I would do. I am going to stop here. Your post just reminded me of how I feel at times and I wanted to reach out as soon as I read it. Sorry I didn't see it sooner. If you are still on and would like to chat please send me an instant message.

Ditto… : )

It is amazing we all live in such veiled silence. Chiari does not show, and we are still who we have ever been, so who’s to understand?

I also wonder why it is so women comprimizing, as if we didn’t have enuf. It is probably the same as with carpal tunnel, our tunnels (i.e. our foramen magnums) are just that much smaller.

Again I mirror my predecessor. I am here if you want to chat, or vent : )