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The last trip to the ER!

I had a horrible headache that caused me to feel so uneasy I told my husband I had to go to the hospital. I was immediately seen because of my previous diagnosis of hydrocephalus and chronic migraines. I was in so much pain it was at a level that I couldn't bare. They gave me some shots and something for nausea which made me feel worse! My head was thumping I had a shaking spell not to mention the vomiting started to get worse. The ER nurse told me she was going to have to call my neurologist to see what to do next so he suggested that I have another CT scan which showed that my condition hadn't changed meaning my ventricles was still the same as my last scan. The next suggestion was more meds through my IV. The first dose of meds were what I had in the hospital which after 30 minutes wasn't working then they decided to try something different which was called Fioricet. The Fioricet did the trick it actually took my headache away. I have weird feelings in my head at times but the headaches has subsided tremendously. I am only suffering with my neck pain which causes my right arm and right leg to go numb and tingle. I am hoping the neck pain can ease up because it's very annoying and nagging! I have tried every kind of pain medicine and I even went as far to have head injections of immitrex and steroid injections but it seemed that those shots made my pain worse. I feel so free not having the head pain and dizziness but I have weakness and stiffness but I can live with that. I just hope if or when they return I'll be able to deal with it better because I understand what happened.

I am glad you found a medication that helps with the head pain and dizziness, even if you had to go through a rotten experience to get it. Wishing you a pain free day, Marie!