The Hands

Please before you read any more of this blog, stop, relax and look at your hands.

Just a little longer keep looking and what do you see. Are you focused only on the possible dirt and grime on them, are you looking at the nail polish and wishing you had done it earlier today? Are you focusing on the wrinkles and sun spots? What about the scars, scrapes, bruises? Please stop again and look again, this time deeper than before.

Let me tell you what I see in your hands, yes, even though I have never laid eyes on them. Later on let me know if you see those things too.

I see a mix of emotions ranging from that first spark of true love holding your hand, yes even those who are very young have that mark. No one can deny the love of a child and the little spark when that little hand wraps around one of your fingers. Smile, it is true.

I see the pain and fatigue of the days, months, years, ages of wringing and asking if I/we are doing the right thing. from the small choices of will he/she like this outfit or place for dinner to the more complex and dreaded issues of do I have the strength to sign he consent form for surgery for myself or a dear loved one. It shows.

I feel the excitement from holding children after birth, the dances when you danced with that special person minutes to years and years ago.

I feel the pride, joys, successes of every accomplishment radiating from the hands. I feel the faith the hands have placed in others, sometimes it hurt but many others it was great seeing the wings spread and the flight occur.

I also feel the pain of the hands being held for the last time. The pain of bad choices. The pain of regret. It is ok to cry I am too thinking of those memories as well.

Take the next person who walks by you and look at their hands, grab them if you can. Do you feel the love, hopes. aspirations, dreams in the hands? Do you feel the bad too? It's ok to feel that way both good and bad, or this is how life goes goo/bad and up/down.

Where you are is entirely up to you and I am not here to judge. Instead I am here to take your hands into my hands to share the grief, pain, sorrow, and regrets; I am also here to share the success, dances, pride, and love. I am here to lift you up when needed, to smile , laugh and love with you. It is now time for you to take another person's hands and do the same.

For alone we are hard on ourselves many times and we do not see our own positives, but together we encourage each other, praise and believe in each other. Be there for someone as I would for you, lets us all feel the spark. Let the spark ignite into bigger and better things, for together we can overcome. Let the spark light up the darkness and remove the doubts, regrets, and fears.

Our ailments may not also be known or visible to others but our hands always are. Have faith, confidence, and believe that we will raise each other by our hands and share that spark. Our hands wear the stories of our lives, share your story and be proud for it is our story that we wrote and nobody can take it away from us.

I release your hands from mine, fly to new heights and goals and always remember that my hands are here to catch yo if you fall. I will for that is what my hands are for you and my gift to you is to always be there for the good bad, and ugly. Lets share the story of out lives.