Thank god for this site!

thank God I found this site! sometimes I just feel like no one else understands and Iā€™m completely alone in my chiari battle :frowning:


You are so sweet !!! I promise everyone here understands and you are not alone. Chiari brings us all together like a family of sorts. No matter how much our friends and families love us they can't fully understand. I am sorry you have Chiari but very glad you are here.

Tracy Z.

Danielle, you are a valuable chiarian here, we are lucky to have you.

Your telling me, trying to talk to my family is like talking to a wall. They think I should be better 2 years later. It is nice to have others that know what you are going threw. That your not crazy and you really are feeling the things that your feeling. I can't stand my boyfriend sometimes he thinks I should be able to do the same stuff that I did before. Then when I tell him im not the same he tells me its because I sat on my butt to long and I am out of shape and that is why I can't do things. This is an argument that I can't seem him on the same page. I sleep so much sometimes, when I get one of those kind of head ach it just can't be helped. I am out for at lest 10-15 hours. I get a short lived head ach but it takes everything out of me.

Danelle, feel alone no longer! We know ( and feel) your pain. This is a wonderfully informative group and a safe haven talk about life with CM

We are all here for you!! You are not alone.

Welcome and know that we are with you on your journey to overcome the effects of having a chiari.