TERRIBLE AIR QUALITY \๐Ÿ’œ Chiari Awareness Month ๐Ÿ’œ

Iโ€™ve really been struggling this past week. My head is pounding, my oxygen in my blood is 95%, my :heart:rate is in the 90s. Took some Tylenol, benadryl, propanalol, Nebulizer. I also have COPD, on top of Chiari. Took a blood test, the results were, I have no Estrogen. Have had to go outside in this crud, to care for my 4, 21week old chicks. And my dog, we have put potty pads in the garage. He wants to be outside,itโ€™s not safe for the grass, much less us. Our numbers were over 200+, tonight the air quality index is 167. I am tired, sore, and stressed out. Hope by Friday it clears up, weโ€™ve been down for a week, at least. Just catching up. I am going to read thru some peopleโ€™s questions, before I go to bed. These headaches, and we can taste the air, if that makes any sense. :innocent: Hope everyone is safe, it is Chiari Awareness Month, my husband has been wearing his purple Ribbon, shirts to support this journey. Iโ€™m praying for each & every one of you. :purple_heart: I day at a time, sometimes my days go minute by minute, but I lived. :mask:


I hope you have some relaxation in the future! I am in Utah, and the air quality is not awful, but it could definitely be better. We get some very bad inversions in the winter, so I am comparing it to that. I very much know what your saying about tasting the air! Ours is chewable right now too! There are some companies that make masks for filtering pollution, at least that way you can go outside.
I am sorry to hear about the animals, it can not be fun to have to stress about them as well. Hopefully, as it transitions to winter well get some more moisture and cooler temps. That might clear some of the smoke out!

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I do have face masks, itโ€™s just hard to breathe with COPD, thank you, have a blessed month :purple_heart::mask:

I feel for you and your crittersโ€ฆbeen there, done that living NM. It is one of the worst experiences: breathing in intense levels of toxicity. It is why wearing face masks now are not such a thing; I had to do it many times for hours and days at a time during fire season. I used a damp bandana, cowboy style, which filters some of the smoke, yet is a bit more breathable.

I hope things clear up for all the life forms in the west, such tough times. Be as well as you can be.


Hiโ€ฆ Magnesium helps head pain quite a bit. God Bless!