Take a moment to laugh

I found this old picture of me, thought some of you might get a kick out of it :)

Love it! And opening the game Operation.
Hope you are doing well!

How cute! I had that game as well and considering how bad I was at it I guess it's for the best that I need surgery and don't do surgery! lol


Too cute! And how appropriate you are holding operation? I loved that game. Wishbone was my favorite. : ) So glad your posting again. You are a bright light in this world. I hope you are feeling better and healing well.


aww yall are so kind<3 (like seriously feelin the love over here ^_^)

I'm doing ok. It's been a little over a month and I think I can officially say it was worth it :)

I have a CineMRI and a normal MRI comin up on the 16th... very interested to see what's goin on haha.

It feels like stuff is still working itself out, like the whole blockage thing. Like pins and needles and then a wave of relaxation and relief in my muscles. Best of all - it doesn't feel like I'm fearing for my life everyday. Anyways, hoping for the best :)

I'll be sure to post the new scans and a description of the surgery, hopefully the same day I get them :)

LOVE <3 xoxo


I am so thrilled you feel as though your surgery was a good choice.....Let us know what the new scans say.

Love the pix!!!!!


I also agree, it is a great picture Bill !!! Thanks for sharing !!!