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Syrinx surgery

Hello, I decide to send u a msg and I hope Im not bugging you. Well I had my chiari surgery on october 2015. It was 30 mm herniation and I also have a syrinx. I suffer from a lot of things neurofibromatosis, I had a tumor removed 17 years ago a cyst growing from my spinal cord that Is connected to a shunt. Long story short. I felt down on October 2016 and went to see my dr, things were fine ( it was an ER doctor because mine was out of reach and didnt know what else to do. Things were never ok not even before that episode, well this year I started to feel more pain than usual I finally got an appointment and a dr that order a few MRI 6 to be exact. I didnt get good news my syrinx was growing and I need a new surgery this time they will put a shunt to drain or try to drain the syrinx I feel heart broken I dont know what to do or expect from this new one. In the last years I’ve had 2 surgeries and It never got better and I miss living, I try to, But now I dont know what to expect. I hope u know more about this Syrinx shunt my doctor was nice and was more concern about how I took this new thing and I just need some advice, words, idk. Thank you and Im sorry for bother you.