Syrinx and bulging discs

Had an MRI last month because my back has been sore all summer and nothing was helping. The latest MRI was on my Lumbar and Thoracic spines. Ironically my Lumbar was exceptional but my Thoracic spine showed bulging discs in multiple areas specifically T7, T8, T10, and T11 sections. The Syrinx was found to be from T7-T10. MY neurologist is going to set me up with a Neurosurgeon. I was supposed to see him last year but he said an office visit wasn't needed. Now, its obviously needed. Anyone in here have this problem? Its not in my neck but in my upper/middle back. I'm just wondering what to expect from it. I know i will never be able to actively take part in a roller derby bout again (which really breaks my heart) but i want to know what has helped you with the pain and other stuff. I would greatly appreciate anything anyone can tell me.

Was the MRI upright or laying down and also were they flexion/ extension . I had to have those done because I have EDS on top of Chiari. I have bulging discs in my cervical area and lumbar too and my spine is starting to curve the wrong way (scoliosis?) but I have been told I don't have a syrinx. I am going to see a Neurosurgeon next week hopefully he can help. It might be worth it to see the Neurosurgeon if you can. Get a disc of your MRI .

i was laying down for it. what are the flexion/ extension? I only know it was a normal laying down MRI. They are going to set up an appointment with the neurosurgeon.i always get a copy of my MRI's because of all the health problems i have had, as well as the health problems that seem to run through my family. Someone mentioned EDS to me before in one of these groups but when i looked up the symptoms and signs, they didn't match the problems i had. And my neurologist did say before tha ti had a slight curvature in the spine, but when asked about it she told me that it is normal for the profile to have a curvature. But on my MRI, it shows a curvature from side to side, not front to back. Hence why i want to get a Chiari Specialist's opinion.

There are various types of EDS and sometimes the symptoms are very subtle. My spine is actually straightening out instead of curving the right something the radiologist saw . The upright MRIs from my research help show how your spine reacts and has helped with disc problems .I had both laying down and flexion/extension and there was quite a difference on what they found with the flexion/extension. The ones laying down did not show the lumbar change. Hope the specialist can help.

ok, i will mention these to him when i get in to see him. Thanks so much! :-) It's nice to know i can count on the friends in here to answer me truthfully.

Good luck with your appt. I think you are wise to see a Chiari specialist!