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I have a question about symptoms. I have Chairi 1 Malformation - 11 mm distention.

Does anyone else have more sympoms when:

weather is extremely hot or cold?

when haven't been able to rest enough?


I have only been suffering from Chiari symptoms now for a little over a month. From my personal experience as to date, staying cool is best (cold compresses and fans make me feel more comfortable when my body temp rises), not too certain on if weather plays a roll in severity of symptoms, and the less rest I have had the worse I have felt (evenings and early mornings I have noticed have been the most problamatic periods when I haven’t gotten enough rest). My general prac recently prescribed me Valium to help with anxiety and insomnia and since I have taken it I have slept much better those evenings.


Yes, my symptoms appear worse during cold weather. It is like an episode hot sweating one minute, freezing the next.

Appears to come on quicker when I have not had enough sleep (what is that!!!) or if do too much physical work which I try to do and rest but it comes and goes. I listen to my body more now. Good luck and rest.



Hi CJ,

Yes I have very similar symptoms too. I get really bad muscle pains and cramps and stiffness when it's very cold. My right hand feels like their is no blood in it and I find it very difficult to to get up or wake up. I use heat pads and heat gels. I find that body has to be warm. But when it's really hot, I am exhausted and so tired

When I don't have a good night's sleep, my mood switches, sometimes it feels have energy and then suddenly it feels I have no energy at all. My whole body gets affected when I haven't had good night's sleep. That's why I have to make sure a rest during the day even if I can't close my eyes, this helps my body. I hope this helps.