Symptoms worse when I lie down

Hello ladies and gents. I have noticed my symptoms are a lot worse when I am in bed. Does anyone else have that problem? Plus I had a CT that showed Chiari and I was laying down for it, but went for a sitting up MRI and the radiologist said it didn’t show Chiari.

What symptoms is it that you are experiencing? It seems like CHiari folk have a hundred stemming from all the different structures that can be affected by the compression!

Also know that all radiologists are not created equally when it comes from determining the presence AND the impact of descended cerebellar tonsils.

Headache in the back of my head that will not go away and gets worse with the slightest of pressure. Dizziness, balance problems, breathing problems, my heart races even though I am on propranolol, I have problems swallowing, there are times I can’t control my bladder at night. I am 44 by the way. I forgot my arms legs hands and feet go numb when I lie down.

CHiari is no fun and the diagnosis and securing treatment process can be arduous at best. It seems that you are in the stage of persevering with finding help. Good luck with that! I too have found that I had symptoms worsen or emerge when laying down - slurred speech, dizziness, nystagmus, drowsiness… No one had answers on why but when you think about it anatomically, the compression on the spinal cord can change in this position and affect different structures. Does not really matter though, sleeping propped up and on your sides can help while you find a neurosurgeon.

That all makes sense. Thanks for your reply.

Hi Naneck,

I have not had experience with Chiari, but I had a malfunctioning shunt that created headaches due to the absence of CFS I think. The solution was to lay down and the pressure would equalize. I attributed this to gravity and the biological differences that it causes. My idea would be that the CSF flows less easily when you lay down, thus creating a higher positive pressure in certain areas.

I hope that is helpful!