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Symptoms and Patterns


My symptoms have followed a pattern. This began after a serious neck injury to C1/2 and C5/6. I say serious because I was nearly paralyzed and was lucky that I wasn’t! When I learned that Chiari can be triggered by a neck injury, I was intrigued. The spinal fluid was built up above c5 for too long.

The ringing in the ears started for a short time and now it is permanent. The eye blurriness seems to be headed that way. At first it was the same pattern as the ringing. It would last a short time and then it would stop. Now, my eyes are getting worse. I am wondering how bad it can get and has anyone gone blind with Chiari? I have been to eye specialists and they tell me my eyes are perfect. I can see 20 20. However, the blurriness is lasting longer and longer. I am concerned it will be permanent. My husband bought me a spy glass. Have people had to get glasses or did they even work because it seems to be a brain thing and not an eye issue.
Also, excessive thirst when all blood work is normal…anyone experience this? Thanks.


Your having had an injury makes your situation different than the Chiari many members of this Website and myself deal with in that we where born with this condition.
My understanding of injury to the cervical area stems from a car accident I was in many years ago. Injuries can only recover so much and ongoing attention to the injured area should be considered over time.
Seek the care of a medical professional that will take interest in this; for myself it was Chiropractic care that I have done for 20 years (they can vary in their techniques so consider what would be best for you).
The medical field is always stressing exercise, but the wrong type of exercise can cause further injury; I was a runner and bicyclist and caused myself physical grief (for me intermittent walking or low-impact aerobics is best).
Nurture your health and the fact that you posed questions to this Website shows you care. Best to always.


Sorry. I forgot to address the vision issues. Your vision can be fine and then when the nerves in the cervical area become agitated and their agitation is what affects your eyesight inadvertently. Calm your cervical area by cooling it, resting, and not stimulating the central nervous system with stimulants (caffeine) I have even had niacin cause issues because it stimulates vessel dilation.
Observe how your body responds to different things it will help you build a road map for keeping your health and well-being in check.