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Symptoms 2 weeks post op

I know there are a million posts where people say they have symptoms x number of days/months/years post op. What I’m wondering, is if there’s anyone who had symptoms come back/or never fully go away right after surgery, but then had relief after they recovered from surgery.

My NS said that it can takes months to tell a difference in symptoms, but I feel like I’m not finding any posts like that. Where symptoms slowly went away and then never returned. It seems like people either wake up and feel miraculously better, or they just don’t see an improvement.

I’m 2 weeks post op and symptoms are creeping back. Incredibly discouraging, and I’m hoping someone can tell me that they experienced that, but that down the road things got better. Anyone?

With my son - his symptoms seem to come and go and if I am not mistaken seems every 2 years on the dot - he is fine then it rears its head again

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Mine slowly faded. I still had headaches and dizziness for a while and it slowly became less and less frequent. Along with everything else. There was only a few things that went away instantaneously, like my ears ringing. I mean part of my head was numb for a good couple months after and then it faded. I wouldn’t lose hope! I had one of the top doctors and he said some symptoms will take about a year to fade!

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I just had surgery 3 weeks ago. Are your symptoms the same or worse? I feel like my headaches are worse but am hoping that is still from the surgery. And the left side of my head is also numb like Monfitz3 replied.

Some are better! My tinnitus I had post op (which was terrible and non-stop) faded after I weaned off of meds a little (apparently hydrocodone and Flexeril can both cause both temporary or PERMANENT tinnitus, so I stopped pretty quickly). As for headaches… I had them pre-op all the time, and they seemed to go away for a while after surgery. I had headaches post op obviously, but they seemed to be from surgery alone. They got better and better as I healed. But once I started PT (end of December) my headaches, real chiari-feeling headaches started coming back. We’re changing PT up to try and avoid them, but for now they’re still off and on. My plan right now is to stay consistent with Ibuprofen, not skip doses, take it easy with PT, and hope they go away. I used to get pain in my arms, but that has not come back. I’m still pretty discouraged to be honest, but trying to be patient since I know if can be a while before things can be expected to go away.

I found that standard/traditional physical therapy of general neck and shoulder exercises was not helpful and caused more problems. Once I found more advanced therapy styles from different therapists, I was able to improve. Note, I did find scar management early on that was very helpful for the incision. Not all physical therapists are helpful with Chiari though they are a cheery and personable bunch!

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