Swollen Temple

Hey all,

I wanted to run a symptom by ya'll. I'm still new with this diagnosis, and each time a symptom rears it's ugly head, I worry a little… okay, sometimes a lot.

Anyway, I have swelling in my right temple. It feels swollen (I can even feel it bulging out with my fingers) and sensitive to the touch. And sometimes feels the surrounding area is also a little swollen. It emanates warmth. {It doesn't look like a golf ball or anything, it's more subtle, but definitely there}

Does anyone else experience this? Or have any understanding about this?

Thank you!

I have never experienced this symptom but I bet others have. I get heat, tingling, and sharp pains in my jaw where my headaches start. I wonder if this is similar to you but in a different location.

Mine is not localized to my temple but my whole face will swell whenever I am having a flare up. My neurologist has told me she believes it is due to the migraines. I found that my face tends to swell more on the right side and my 8mm drop is more on my left side. My pain is localized to the left side of my head when I have a migraine. I have yet to find anything that helps with the swelling except for when the migraine subsides/dulls.

My daughter has the same issues with her temples. They swell and are extremely tender to the touch. We just recently learned that there are several types of migraines. She has experienced some of these migraines as well. The neuro advised us to have her take IBprofien, tylenol and lastly Maxalt even if there's no "pain" but she has the other odd symptoms. This has actually helped a bit. There's a whole range of varying symptoms for Chiari. They say not everyone's CM is the same.

I'm having this right now.. but its almost like my whole head is swelling... my doctor told me that I'm just retaining water. I'm trying to get in to see my Neurologist to see if he has a different opinion.

Thank you guys! Thank you for sharing with me. I appreciate all your responses. I never thought of migraines… I'll have to look into that. Take good care, all my love.

Thank you for this great and informative discussion. Very helpful!

Peace, Brian