Surviving Night 1 Post Surgery

So our son finally had his decompression surgery today, he’s 21 months old. He seems to be ok about 10 minutes after the morphine, for about 20 minutes, then he is ill again. I’m sure this is normal, he’s in a lot of pain. But he’s running a low grade fever and they are maxed out on medicine options. We’re having to turn the air down and use wet wash clothes. His BPS is pretty high. His depth perception is off too, but he is on a lot of pain medicine. Hopefully he will be put of PICU tomorrow. :confused:

I hope his recovery is going smoother and that he is feeling better and better. The first 24 hours are definitely rough…

We’re actually home now. He did a 180 over night. He did amazing.


So glad to hear that. Saying prayers for all.