The surgery time depends on what needs to be done. Mine was about 6 hours, I don’t think I was ever in ICU but I was in hospital from friday morning to monday afternoon.

My surgery lasted a couple of hours and I spent 1 night in ICU and on the post surgical floor.

Hi Dolphinlove, have you had a chance to ask your Neurosurgeon about the procedure and their estimates on recovery time? I find that going to a doctor appointment can be overwhelming and I sometimes forget things. I try to make a list ahead of time of all the things I want to ask and bring that with me so I don't forget. It would be good to talk to the NS about his/her expectation of length of procedure and recovery period. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Gentle hugs.

Couple hours. 5 days ICu

My surgery was about 3.5 hours and I was in HDU for 5 days then moved onto the ward for a further 5 days.

My surgery was a couple of hours and I spent 24 hours in ICU then 3 days on the post surgery floor.

My surgery was supposed to be 5 hours. It lasted 9 hours. Was in ICU 3 days then moved to observation unit. Was re admitted in less than a week with spinal fluid leak at incision and had MRSA. Finally got shunt in on Halloween 2012. My little fiasco lasted for about 3 weeks in ICU. Still have headaches, memory very poor and absence seizures. Lost job after 18 years. But I am Blessed. I am alive. Applied for disability in Ictober 2012. Been denied 2 times. Waiting on them to schedule hearing with a judge. That is My Chiari Story

It’s around 5 hours but to you seems like your asleep and right awake, I was in Neuro close watch, which was a little annoying someone checks you every hour. Sort of annoying but understand necessity usual stay it 2 nights. I had to stay three nights because Anastasia makes me so sick to my stomach I had trouble keeping food down first day but it wasn’t a bad recovery like I expected. I had dr Steinburg and am 4 weeks post surgery and walking around and feel good I take Motrin for pain other then limits on lifting and not over exertion which naps come easy haha haven’t gotten stamina back yet I feel good. Stay hopeful and it has been a blessing to me.

Also day of surgery they will go over all those things again hope God blessed you with a good surgeon don’t let some peoples scary stories worries you I did and did me no good, there are success stories I promise I’ve heard them and I am once so ask dr questions of your fears only they can comfort you internet answers can be scary and everyone’s outcome is different stay positive helps p

Sugery for me was 4 hours! But was in recovery for a further 3 hours as they struggled to control a few things! Then I was in ccu (critical care unit) for 5 days.