Is it an in patient surgery if so how long?

Are you in icu afterwards or just a normal room

I was in a recovery room for a little while and then I was put into a private room for like 4 hours and then into a semi private room for the rest of my stay.

I was in surgery 4 hours recovery room for hours ICU overnight and most of next day and then to step down unit for 2 more overnights. Total of three overnights and was in a private room the whole time. Ask your nurse to write when your next pain meds are due and stay on them. Some nurses were fabulous others I literally had to track down or push button multiple times to get them to come give meds especially if someone was covering. If its on your board it holds them a little more accountable. If your nurse is on lunch there is always someone else covering who can give meds make them if you have too.

For my decompression, I was in surgery for 4 hours, then in ICU for 4 days. Then I went to a regular room for 2 more days.

FOr my CSF leak, I was in a regular room before surgery, then in ICU for 4 days and straight home from there.