Hi everyone!!! Haven't been on here is awhile. I was seen yesterday at the U of I Medical in Chicago and was told to consider surgery. Emotions are kind of running high right now and I need to get my ducks in a row before starting the process for surgery. I was wondering what kinds of things will I need before and after surgery. My surgery will be about 3.5 hours away from where I live and I live in a rural community WalMart is about 25 min away so being prepared is a must for me :)

You will want a hemroid pillow, or any kind of pillow with openings that you can lay your side-of-the-head staples in without laying ON them. You won't be able to lay on your back because of the new scar, so side sleeping is your only option. That is were the hemroid pillow comes in. It's stiff plastic, but you won't really notice thanks to the drugs.

Try to stick to button-up/zippered tops. It can be difficult to put shirts on and off over the scar.

The surgery is easy and not nearly as bad as we all fear it will be going into it. (I kept leaving the ICU to smoke.) It really isn't all that painful. If you are getting this surgery, you've most likely had some serious pain from the nerve issues. I found my flare ups to be far worse than what the hospital could dish out (seriously.) Other than that, just get lots of rest.

Oh - stay away from anything too funny. It hurts so much to smile and laugh that 1st week or 2 after the surgery, as smiling pulls on those muscles that are now just stitched together in the back. I watched "40 Year Old Virgin" the day I got out. I was doing fine till the manscaping scene, at which I started laughing, then slightly crying from the sudden pain, then laughing more at the whole situation. My wife found all of this hilarious.