Surgery without patch?

Hello, I had my decompression surgery 2 weeks ago and I’m feeling amazing but I have a question about a surgery difference i haven’t read about on here. So my neurosurgeon Dr. Ciricillo performed a SUBOCCIPITAL CRANIECTOMY/C1 LAMINECTOMY/DURAL RELAXING INCISIONS FOR CHIARI I DECOMPRESSION (widened the skull base and removed part of the spine and did a hashtag incision on the muscle for mobility) he said it was a safer option than the patch with a 90% less complication rate that can occur with a patch. Is anyone else familiar with this? Like I said I feel amazing for 2 weeks post op I’m back to driving, pain free, no more numbness or blackouts. Just stiffness with sleeping. Just curious if anyone else out there has had the surgery without the patch?