Surgery with Dr Oro

Hi everyone! I will be having surgery with Dr Oro on January 28. Now I am beginning to wonder about a lot of things and I was hoping some of you could help.

I have read all of the tips for in the hospital so I think I am pretty good there, its just the time after I leave the hospital that concerns me.

I will be flying home after surgery, so any suggestions on that would be appreciated.

Also, since I am so far away from my NS, what do I do if something goes wrong once I am home? That is a major concern of mine.

Does it hurt to get the staples removed? This one really scares me (I have never had staples or stiches before).

I am a teacher, so realistically, how long should I plan to take off work? I have seen 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.

Thanks in advance!

Hayperk, I had my surgery out of town too. The flight home was completely uneventful. Maybe bring a ziplock bag on board with you in case you need it filled with ice and of course keep your meds in the rx bottles, but really no big deal :)I think you should plan for an absolute minimum of 8 weeks out of work with the possibility it may take longer. The staples were a piece of cake- don’t worry about that. As for the what ifs??? You’ll need the on-call or emergency plan of action from Dr Oro. Ask him what to do in the event of a major concern during closed office hours. Don’t forget about the ER too.

I just want to wish you tremendous luck with your surgery. Try to keep a calm and positive attitude through it and keep in touch with us. How do you feel about it?


Beeba thanks for all the great info! My sister will be coming to stay with me when I get home so I will have some help and my hubby can go back to work. When I told my principal of the upcoming surgery I told him I wasn't sure of how much time I would need off. I told him for sure 4 weeks but possibly up to 8, and he seemed understanding.

And thanks for the advice about the staple removal. I just got off the phone with my local nurse and she said the same thing. I know she was trying to calm me down a little, but it is nice to hear it from 2 different people! But the thought of them really grosses me out! I can't help it :)

Thanks for all the kind words!


I am glad to know that your travels home went smoothly! I will definitely talk to Dr Oro about the "what ifs" for when I get home. I also just spoke to my local nurse and she was totally reassuring about the staple removal. I told my principal that I would be out for 4 weeks minimum, and possibly up to 8. He was ok with that, so it sounds like I can take as much time as I need.

Thanks for all the advice and kind words! I am certain I will have more questions popping into my head as the surgery date draws near.


Hayley, Please keep us updated and remind us before you head out to CO so we can say prayers!