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Surgery tomorrow and my period just started


So I’ve had surgery before while on my period but it was outpatient. Since this is inpatient surgery, I’m wondering what to expect while staying in the hospital afterwards.

I wish I could take Ibuprofen. Tylenol doesn’t work as well😣


This exact same thing happened to me. My period came early, which was super annoying. Here’s what I experienced.

I told the nurse in pre-op. He gave me stretchy underwear to wear (like what you get after having a baby) with a pad. (I brought pads and tampons with me to the hospital.) I wore that before surgery. When I woke up from surgery, there was an absorbent pad under me in bed. Later that night when I was in ICU (which I believe is standard the first night after decompression), the nurse helped me clean up and put a fresh pad down on the bed. The next day they gave me more stretchy underwear, which I used with a pad until they took my catheter out later in the day. After that I was able to wear my own underwear and use sanitary products as I typically do. With everything going on with the surgery, I hardly noticed any of the typical period discomfort. But, yeah, I find tylenol pretty useless for cramps, too.

I hope this is helpful (and not too much personal detail). I was so nervous about the surgery and then to have to deal with my period really worried me. In the end, it was fine. The nurses were super understanding. They said it’s really common for the stress of the surgery to affect your cycle.

I hope all goes well tomorrow!


Thank you! That was very helpful!