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Surgery sutures

After your surgery , I was told that I had to go and see my primary care to remove my sutures because my neurosurgeon couldn’t see me for my follow-up. After PCP removed the glue, he said there were no
sutures. Did anybody else have dissolvable stitches?

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I had dissolving sutures. Your surgeon didn’t tell you that’s what you had?

That’s awful…they’re the ones who put them in…My surgeon removed my stitches.

Nope. In fact, I had a horrible experience at the hospital. Since I was there alone because of covid-19 i honestly don’t know who I spoke to. And my follow-up was canceled as well because of covid-19. they never called to check and see how I was doing, or inform my husband of anything. I was just sent home with papers on what medications I needed to be taking and when. The secretary at their office called me almost daily to see if my PCP could take out my stitches! It’s been a crazy experience so far, but I’m doing okay.:purple_heart: