Surgery second thoughts

Really? Why is my dr telling me a stay of four to ten days??? Did you have a syrinx does that make a difference?

No syrinx. Not sure if that makes a difference. I kind of suspect the main reason I got to leave so soon is that my insurance was out of network and only approved two nights and they were only paying 60%. The doctor said I could stay a second night if I wanted but since I was doing so well I didn't have to so I opted to leave.

The nurses and the PT and OT people did say most decompression patients are out of it and sleep the whole time and that it was weird that I was so alert and mobile so I could just be the odd case. I can't do anything the normal way. lol

My surgery will be at mayfield. They told me 2 to 3 days. I’m going on a Friday and they said I’d be going home Sunday or Monday.

I was in the hospital 8 days and not able tobe alone for 6 weeks. But I think I’m the exception, not the rule!

So maybe he’s just preparing me for the worst and I can head home in a few days!!! That’s what I want to hear that and he won’t clip something and make me “special” geez I’m so nervous that just not freaking doing anything I have to get my company taxes done to file Monday that’ll be interesting this year with my weird brain then organize my daughters trip to LA three days after my surgery and go ahead and pack for her so she knows I packed with love :slight_smile: this is huge for her. Oh and I’m going to cook for two days next week and freeze that’s why I wanted ideas I have to clean, spend some time with the other kids and make some time to call the people in my life I love (just in case) because I’ve kept this to myself with a lot of my loved ones. So now I have two weeks to get my kakita together :slight_smile: thanks y’all I totally appreciate just the affirmation of words and human contact and understanding it means everything to me right now <3

When I found out that I chiari in 1999, I went home and searched the internet for what it was. All I found was all the bad stuff. When I finally found my surgeon, The same thing happened to me, and I didnt have the surgery at that point. I didnt think i was bad enough. I ended up having the surgery 3 months later, because It was time and i couldnt handle it anymore. This was 2 months before my son was born. If i had to do it over again, I would have done it the first time and maybe I could of had a better experience. I am doing great compared to what I was before the surgery so I would change that for any reason. So, yes you are just having cold feet. It is normal.


I'm so sorry to hear you so stressed. Dealing with a surgery is hard on it's own but there is always other things to worry about as well. ;( I understand that you don't have enough support? I have four children myself but I am lucky as the symptoms didn't start to get severe until recently. My youngest is 8 and I don't know how those of you with younger children in the house do this? Surgery can feel so overwhelming, and that is not including the anxiety that you probably are already dealing with which just seems to make everything feel like it's impossible (at least it does for me). I was wondering if maybe you had a church that you could reach out to? I know that mine will bring in meals, help with childcare, and household cleaning if need be. I also know that I live with a husband that refuses to accept any help so sometimes it is hard for people to know what they can do. The other thing I would look into is maybe someone you trust that can watch your younger children? Maybe like a play date, I realize the 9 month old is a little young but I'm sure your 3 year old would love it. Even if you could just have a few hours to rest and recuperate? Just some suggestions of things I've had to do over the years. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do? I wish sometimes that we all lived closer together so we could be there to support even more. Good luck with your surgery and I hope that your recovery goes well. Take care of yourself let me know if there is anything else I can do.



Michael C said:

How bad is recovery going to be? I'm already stressed to the max and feel like I don't have enough support. How long will it be before I can stand up and walk after the surgery.? What kind of things will I be able to do when I get home.? I have five children, the youngest 9 months, a three year old and I am the main care giver at home and now I need to do this?

i feel the same way and i am having my surgery on the 27th of Feb. and i am scared to death, but everyone says it will be ok, i just hope it is?