Surgery scheduled

Sorry I haven't been on in a little bit, we just had a funeral for my husbands aunt which his second mother. She fought a long battle with cancer and unfourtuantly the cancer won. She gave me a wonderful person to look for as a person who didn't let her disease define her. She worked up until the last week of her life when she told me she fought to long and it was time to quit. I think she realized I was one of the few people in her family who understood the what it means to fight to live a normal life.

Today I got the call that they have finally scheduled my surgery I'm going in on November 21st. I'm a ball of mixed emotions which I'm sure all of you who have had the surgery have experienced to. I think the fact that I'm going in for brain surgery is finally real. I have always known that this would be the option I would have to make and it was eventually going to happen. But the reality of someone going into my head so close to my brain is finally real.

Now I gotta get to work and get stuff together before then.

I’m so sorry for your loss. <3

I’m sure this is hard and overwhelming, but stay strong.

I had the surgery in 2011 and I may have to have another but I keep saying ‘this will help, this will keep me sane, this will make the fight worth it’.

Before my surgery, well the morning of, my Momma was a mess. She was nervous, she was trying not to cry (I’m her youngest baby) and she was worried because I have drug allergies and she was afraid I wouldn’t wake up. I, on the other hand, was crazy. I was excited and energetic and pumped right up, I was cracking jokes and being a total bonk. I was given a 50/50 chance that surgery would relieve my symptoms, but I felt that surgery was doing something and would help me or rule out Chiari as my issue and then we would keep looking.

My surgeon felt that my attitude prior to surgery, helped with the success and recovery.

Be pumped and believe that surgery will help, believe it with every cell in your body and laugh and crack jokes and everything will be okay.

Please keep us posted on your surgery, pre op and post op. You will rock this like there’s no tomorrow. You are strong and you are a warrior. <3

I was far more excited than nervous and I think that was mainly because of my family. I think it’s so much harder to be the loved one waiting because you’re asleep in la-la land!! And don’t fret the whole time until then. The world will keep spinning even of you can’t get everything done. Just repeat to yourself, " I am an awesome woman who will let one of the best doctors in the world make my life even more awesome so that I can change the world. I am awesome." Repeat, repeat, repeat. Much love.

Elisa, so sorry for loss in your family. Prayers of peace, love, and an easy surgery.