Surgery Scheduled

I am having decompression surgery on March 10th. I would like to say that I am not nervous but I would be lying or putting on the mask that I put on when I talk to my family and friends. I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon last week and was alarmed by the fact that my reflexes where very minimal on my left side and almost non-existence on the right. I am getting blind spots in the middle of my eye and my headaches are getting worse every day. Last month I was not able to work a full week all month because the pain is too much. I would like to know what to expect with the surgery. How long is recovery, how long can I expect to be in the hospital, how should I prepare since I have a month to wrap my head around it.

Hello, I am having the same surgery on the 25th of this month… I had alot of questions as well… I googled it… But I was terrified at first…

Abby hooked you up with great info! Being nervous is completely natural. I was a wreck the day of surgery myself but once it was done I felt so much better and it really wasn't that bad. I would honestly do it again in a heartbeat!

My procedure was basically exactly as described above as my surgeon was with the Mayfield Clinic. I was in the hospital only overnight since my pain was under control. They will keep you longer if you are in a lot of pain as meds are better inpatient. Afterward I was off of work for 8 weeks. The main thing once you get home is rest. You will be really tired with even light activity. I did try to walk daily to get the blood flowing and ease back into things.

Best wishes! :)

Thank you everyone for all the great info. I feel a little better about the surgery after looking over this information. Thank you Abby that is exactly what I was looking for

I will make sure to keep you posted. It is nice to know that there are people out there that really understand what I am going through and aren't just guessing