Surgery Scheduled

I scheduled my surgery today for June the 14th. Could have done it sooner but I really wanted to finish this set of classes I am in. I pay too much for it to mess it up. I don't really know how I feel besides scared as hell. I feel a little better knowing one of the members here has had the surgery done by the NS who is doing mine. I don't even know what else to say right now.


It's normal to feel probably feels more "real" now that your scheuduled, huh?

All you can do is stay informed (which I know you already are) and prepare for your hospital stay.

My thought s and prayers are with you! Sending you positive energy!!


Good luck on your surgery. I just got the phone call on yesterday with my surgery date…May 30th! Kinda nervous now that it’s official. Beeba, I would love to know the ups and downs of surgery! You can email me. At my posted email. Look forward to hearing from you.


Beeba said:

Becki, it is the right thing. Even having my first f-Ed up surgery was right in a way because it did relieve many symptoms - only because I now had fluid flow. This go round - don’t get me wrong it is never easy but it has been such a 100 % better I can’t even tell you. Almost all my chiari symptoms are gone if not improved and feeling like with time will be totally gone. I even had low back pain that I really just with age thought it was a disk thing unrelated - was gone upon waking up from surgery!! Sinuses feel clear. I always felt like I was getting another sinus infection but pressure in your face is pressure in your face - sinuses are fine and I don’t have that mild sickly feeling anymore. I really don’t think I have had a “headache” since about three days after surgery. You are not going to regret this and when you question your self which should keep you awake for many nights - is this how you want to live? You know you can - probably wont kill you. But life should be better and it will be. If you want to pm me I will give you the straight poop on what you experience in general with a simple case… There is some humor that I even can laugh about now. But my house is clean,groceries in fridge (ok sometimes I have used the service) but I did order them. Lol. I am more ahead on laundry than ever. I have made my kids sports stuff for the most part. I will be three weeks out tomorrow. I am not saying I feel great and all is not perfect but I am saying from a wimps point of view you can do it and you will be glad you did. And let’s not forget I have done this TWICE!! My reference range for what to expect out of this recovery compared to the last dibacle was so out of whack the fear was practically torturous. It has been nothing like it - other than hurts like a muv no matter how you look at it. But you kind of get that grandios feeling like after having a baby - I did this I can do anything. Not bragging just we are made of strong stuff and you will truly find out. And luckily with good meds it all sorta becomes a blurr. Like I said if you want the good bad and ugly pm me but you have many good people I just think you know I will tell it like it is warts and all. But would still do it again - I made the right choice both times just the wrong dr the first time!! Hope he can run fast if he stumbles in front of my car. Good luck and feel free to vent any fears or questions these people have done it all!!

hi becki

please know we are here for you and that it is so normal to feel the way you do

i am glad that you know someone here who has the same neurosurgeon you have

i hope that gives you some comfort

pls keep us updated on yourself

we care