Surgery Scheduled for Monday August 12th

Trying not to freak out - staying faithful that all will be well.

So tired of being sick - just thankful there is a solution hope it works - scared because I have autoimmune disease hope surgery doesn't send me into a flare.

Dr Holly at UCLA is making me feel real comfortable.

Worried about my hubby and kids - staying strong for them.

Bummed about having to shave half my head - my son said maybe I could get a fade like his football team.

Thankful for the prayers from family and loved ones.

I love reading the posts about peoples recovery it helps us all prepare better.

Thank you so much so thankful for this site

Best wishes on your surgery! I am very happy I decided to get decompressed and have no regrets! :)

Do you have to shave your whole head? My NS just took the tiniest strip and it was barely noticeable. I would be kind of bummed at that too but hair grows and pretty quick too!

The Dr said half my head but I'm hoping the nurse will only do what is needed, but it does grow back so in the realm of things I know its not so important.

Thank you for your replies, makes me feel better knowing so many have had a positive outcome