Surgery questions?

My doctor has recommended surgery for my Chiari due to the symptoms I’ve been having. I haven’t made my mind up yet. I was doing some research and found there is a less invasive procedure where they don’t cut through the dura. Does anyone have any advice about the two types of surgery?
I am very anxious about having the surgery at all. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m also wondering about the chances of this worsening if I just don’t go through with it. I have migraines, palpitations, tachycardia, numbness in my hands and possibly sleep apnea.

Thanks for anything you’re willing to share.

JC - Have you tried doing a search on the site as well? You can look up the keywords using the magnifying glass on the top right to search. I hope some people will respond to your question here as well. It’s a great question.

Sharon from ModSupport

Hi @Jcn1432 I’m about to have surgery in two days time. Have you had a entire mri scan on your entire spine. you may have a syrinx if you have numbness in you hand? I have a syrinx which has caused numbness down my whole left side of my leg and torso so my surgeon will be removing my c1 as well as opening the dura and shrinking the tonsils. I live in Australia and my surgeon does nothing but this surgery so I have complete faith in his approach. I’ve done a quite bit of research (Google search as well as talking to multiple surgeons) on both the invasive and non invasive and my goal was trying my hardest to only have one surgery. I don’t not want To be in and out of hospital. I was scared but without the invasive surgery I risk losing the use of my left leg due to muscle wastage which the numbness can cause.
I have had about 10months wait time from the doctors saying I need surgery till now but it has allowed me to mentally and financially prepared for it. The non invasive surgery apparently has a higher risk of needing to go back for surgeries. Also if you have a syrinx you may not have a option of non invasive. Hope this is helpful I would suggest rather being proactive and doing a fuck tone of research on this as well as surgeons. Being told you need surgery is shit it can make you feel helpless and alone but you’re not there are thing in your control to focus on and you are definitely not alone.

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