Surgery on June 30th

I will be having lumbar peritoneal shunt removal on Tuesday, June 30th. My doc seems to think that removing my shunt (for pseudotumor cerebri) will help (he doesn’t want to jump right into decompression surgery for the Chiari). My lp shunt is believed to have caused my Chiari & is in a sense malfunctioning. It is a valveless lp shunt so gravity can have an effect on it. We will revisit decompression surgery & another shunt surgery after we see if this surgery helps. This will be my 3rd surgery related to my shunt (I have had 2 lp shunts so far). I’m nervous but at the same time I’m ready for this…ready to see if I can find some relief. I have been recently diagnosed but I believe it has went undiagnosed for a couple of years due to me thinking it was my pseudotumor. My thoughts are with everyone else who has upcoming surgeries! May everyone have speedy recoveries & relief!

I hope the shunt surgery does the trick for you, Karly! Best wishes for your surgery, and may you have a swift recovery.