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Surgery jitters


I have decompression surgery in less than a week and I’m getting nervous. I have anxiety attacks when I have a moment to think about reality. So i keep myself busy with my kids and the house. Damn those down times though… like right now. Everyone is sleeping and I’m awake. Thinking…praying. Chanting over and over." I am God’s child. I will get through this ".


I have not had the surgery, living with the symptoms. Will be praying for you. Tina from WI


I’m bad enough with anxiety as it it but my op was quite urgent, so I was in 5 days after diagnosis. I was fully of the opinion that something was going to go wrong, I walked to the theatre convinced “this is it”.

Just try and remain positive, you can get through this. One minute they’ll tell you that they’re going to start the anaesthetic and in the blink of an eye you’ll come too, albeit probably with a headache and a bit puzzled.


I had decompression surgery last November. You got this! I’d recommend during the down times, to plan ahead for things to do while you are recovering. Get a pile of books from the library, order your favorite tea, or whatever you think you might need while sitting for a month or two. Everyone is different but I couldn’t look at a screen for the first week. It would make me get vertigo. Hang in there, God will teach you many great things during this, so hang on to hope!


I had my surgery in August of last year. It was difficult, but totally worth it. You’re in for a challenging time, but with faith and determination, you’ll make your way through it. Even after complications and a second surgery, I’d still do it. Good luck.


I remember anticipating my surgery like it was Christmas morning! I couldn’t wait to get it over with and start the healing process, and see what improvements may be in store for me. I have not been disappointed!
Hang in there and keep the prize in mind!